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Bravo’s vision is of a community where individuals with a disability and families who care for them are valued, accepted and included. Fundamental to Bravo’s vision is the motto, “Be brave and go there.” Bravo will continue to deliver quality services for Individuals with a disability while striving to fulfil their expectations and deliver positive outcomes for funding bodies and contractual agreements. There are a number of factors that have informed Bravo strategy. These include an expected growth in the demand for Bravo services, a push to achieve greater efficiencies in the delivery of Bravo services, a broad community expectation that services will be easy to access, and the continuing progress and transformation of digital technology. Bravo’s goals, user input and external and internal changes influence the strategic direction for the 2016-2019 plan.


  • To maintain good Governance
  • Provide continuity of service
  • Remain Individual/Family driven
  • Ensure Bravo is well prepared for the transition to NDIS
  • To be Individual and market focused
  • To remain financially sustainable by adjusting business costs to meet market expectation
  • Develop Bravo business through astute business capabilities


  • Prepare and support Individuals/ Families for the transition to the NDIS
  • Prepare and support Bravo Team for the transition to the NDIS
  • Communicate the changes and shift to the NDIS
  • Actively mitigate risks to Bravo services
  • Absorb increased workforce demand
  • Maintain a high quality of service provision


  • Participation in community
  • Continue to meet Human Services Quality Standards
  • Individual / Family satisfaction
  • Team satisfaction
  • Development of Bravo as NDIS Provider


plan grid goal 1


Provide flexible, innovative support options for individuals with a disability and their families to suit their diverse needs
Bravo will:
  • Pass knowledge of NDIS requirements to Individuals and Families
  • Empower Individuals / Families to be creative with their planning and supports
  • Increase participation in flexible support
Challenges include:
  • To remain focused on the pains and gains that matter most to Individuals / Families
plan grid goal 3


All people who work with Bravo apply the Bravo vision, values and a culture of reflective practice and continuous improvement
Bravo will:
  • Recruit and retain suitable staff
  • Maintain informed communication with all staff
  • Promote Bravo vision, values and culture
  • Deliver continuous improvement
Challenges include:
  • Recruitment of new staff and workers
  • Staff compliance with values and culture
plan grid goal 5


Organisational sustainability is achieved through planned and managed growth
Bravo will:
  • Plan and target business opportunities to remain sustainable
  • Improve marketing
  • Become Outcomes focused


    Seek opportunities for managed growth
  • Improve efficiencies within operations

Challenges include:
  • Embed value proposition in business model
  • Compete successfully in a new marketplace


    Promote Bravo’s unique selling proposition and value added proposals
plan grid pic main


All Bravo’s activities are transparent, accountable and ethical

Bravo will:
  • Promote sustainability
  • Set yearly priorities
  • Expand Bravo’s footprint
  • Research training & development
  • Prepare for organisational restructure
  • Broaden the knowledge of Bravo Governance
Challenges include:
  • Remaining viable during transition period
  • Managing growth of organisation
plan grid goal 2


All Bravo’s operations are transitioned in preparation for the NDIS
Bravo will:
  • Register as NDIS Provider
  • Change Bravo’s Financial operations in preparation for NDIS requirements
  • Maximise Bravo’s Business Model to encompass NDIS terminology
Challenges include:
  • Ensure Bravo moves as one
  • Restructure process sensitive to needs of all people involved with Bravo
  • Capturing Bravo as a unique NDIS Provider
plan grid goal 4

Want to know more?

Phone 07 5482 5336
7 Alma St Gympie QLD 4570, Australia
email info@bravo.org.au

Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm